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最低消費$300 • 買滿 $500 免費到車自提 • 買滿 $1500 免費送貨上門

Repulse Bay: Ruby Court

Repulse Bay: Ruby Court

Pickup ➔ Guest parking spot on platform level.

⌚ Truck estimated arrival time: Afternoon 2~4pm

Pickup time is approximate only. To save possible waiting, you need not proceed to the pickup point until we contact you.

We will phone you or your Pickup Person 15~20 min before our driver arrives. Please keep your phone turned on. If you cannot pickup your Veg, ask a neighbour to pickup for you.

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Customer: Pickup Point Street View

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VegBasket Delivery Truck

This is our delivery truck, number plate SN3539, and our driver A-Hua.


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折後滿 $500免運送費。蔬果、肉、鮮花都在這裡!




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